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I recommend anyone who fusses over prints

Go and check out a photography exhibition sometime - its really refreshing to see (even as someone a little anal about IQ) how little of an impact the technical perfection imparts on a compelling image, both to Joe Bloggs, and perhaps even yourself.

Recently I visited a nature photography exhibition at our local museum which included technical details of the prints (Camera, ISO, shutter). Most of these prints ranged from 16x24 to absolute monster sizes.

One of the best ones was an underwater image of a humpback whale shot with a GF1 - it must have been at least 6 feet high and looked awesome, even when you stepped closer.

Most of the images were from 5D2's and D200 / 300's with a few M43 cams too. Did the 5D2 images look a little better? Yeah, some, if you looked close enough, but the consistently best looking prints were by a guy with a D200 (Ancient, noisy 10mp APS-C) who clearly had his workflow and sharpening down pat.

Out of about 60 viewers I was the only person eye balling the images.

Sure, I love technical image quality as well and I saw some absolutely stunning large format film prints last year in Zion but fact of the matter is most people don't care that much or look that close

Enjoy your photos and prints - 12-16mp with good glass and technique should satisfy anyone non-obsessive up to some pretty large sizes.

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