Hogan weighs in on the "DX is dead" nonsense

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Re: Hogan weighs in on the "DX is dead" nonsense

It's logical that Nikon will introduce the D400 and then a short time later the D7100.  Both cameras will sell well, despite all of the DX is dead editorial, or the 500 posts about not enough room for both.  Photography is growing well.

The time when the pro-DX and pro-FX cameras merge, will be when the EVF matches the response of the LVF, and all of the afutofocus computing power and capability also... and by then the sensors will have developed even further.  Actually the story is bigger than that... the camera will essentially be DX and FX and even other crop sizes all in one... and the creative envelope will stretch in terms of reach and DOF.  Sensors would have the flexibility to use the best of any lens which mounts on there, and probably be able to compensate for distortion and CA on the VF and of course the recorded image.  We're not that far off.  The frame rate capability is already there for the mirrorless.

Until then, we'll enjoy at least one more great pro DX body. Nikon, start cranking out the D400's already.

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