Clarification on technicalities of fixing Oly CAF issues

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Clarification on technicalities of fixing Oly CAF issues

I'd like to pose some questions to those less technically challenged than myself (seems to be more than a few lurking here on this forum), so that I might have a better understanding of how hard the CAF problems are to correct with the 4/3 system.

The CAF seems to be the biggest issue with 4/3 users on these forums - or maybe it's the higher ISO/sensor performance - not sure, but it's certainly one of the main frustrations expressed on this forum.

I'd like to know if accurate and fast CAF is even possible to achieve on the 4/3's system at all.

The SWD lenses would have the best chance I'm guessing, but the non-SWD lenses, in particular, I'm interested in (because I have the old 50-200 and 300/2.8) with their slower focusing motors.

How much of the CAF speed/accuracy is based on digital processing as opposed to the PDAF sensors and mechanical focus motors/system?

Is it more a PDAF sensor problem?

If Oly had quicker processing and better algorithms for CAF, would this fix the problem?

I'd imagine that the processing would have to take info from the AF sensors then predict the speed and direction of the object, then send that info to the focus motor - all within a nano-second.

If there were better processing and PDAF sensors, would the focus motor and the rest of the mechanical focus system still be capable of keeping up? Or is it all too dated and sluggish?

It seems to be an unsolvable problem for Oly - even with the CDAF on m4/3.

I will say though, that it's not totally unusable - I have been able to get BIF keepers with my Oly gear.

Thanks in advance for the enlightenment

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