Elinchrom D-Lite vs BXRi to go sets

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Re: Elinchrom D-Lite vs BXRi to go sets

If you run into an honest and knowledgeable salesperson then they can be very helpful for your decision making. The problem is not all salespeople are honest and knowledgable. See here is my story I once went to a Sony store, just to get a look at 2 different TV models. I could not decide which one to buy. I admit I just wanted to see them, not bother anybody and then just buy the TV online. Somehow I got into a discussion with a sales person. He all along recommended the more expensive TV, until I just said hmm ok let me think it over but I gotta go now. He then to my surprise told me: "You know if I'm honest with you, you should buy the less expensive model. It has a larger screen and the picture quality differently from what Sony is claiming is just as good". I guess he realized I was just going to buy a TV online so he wanted to make sure I at least buy the right one. I thought that was actually a really cool move of him.

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