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Re: Never too much about cameras

bodziu wrote:

Thomas Karlmann wrote:

I may be alone here, but I think the so-called Smart phones are a solution (...) just to take poor quality photos?  Really?  You photogs out there are supporting this?

Why are you saying this?

Please be honest, leave all the bias towardas phone-cameras and tell me that those photographs are poor: http://connect.dpreview.com/post/2863436371/leaving-my-dslr-at-home-iphone-experiment

I suppose that the main point is that you can do with those devices things that are impossible in the nick of time like creating this short video http://youtu.be/jq1VUnNZ1vU?hd=1 or to capture vanishing scene...

And you don't really need to carry dedicated P&S as DSLR substitute anylonger anywhere, apparently  the phone will do;-)

This site is about photography and if someone invents a camera that you can swallow to contemplate pictures of your stomach, I would like to read about this on dp site!

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You are one of many who seem to use & enjoy Smartphones -- that's great -- it's just that we differ in our definitions of Photography.  There have always been snapshooters out there.  They started out years ago with Instamatics, then they had these crazy wheel-like gizmos with tiny bits of film on them.  Not too long ago, a local TV news station showed an up-to-the-moment viewer-sent-in snap of some newsy item -- taken with a cell phone.  When I saw it, I thought my TV was broken -- there was so much noise in the picture you could just barely discern an image of any sort!  Guess what the announcer said: "Gee, those cell phone photos are getting better"!  I almost fell off my chair!  How could they get any worse?

I'm sure you'll say that the quality has getten sooo much better.  So what?  As soon as someone shows my an actual working cell phone camera that has a shutter speed dial and an aperature dial -- I will take back everything I've said.  Till then, it's just a marvel that they work at all, and, moreover, that lots of folks' perception of quality imaging has fallen so sharply to match.

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