E-M5 FW 1.5 reduces banding with the 20mm lens?

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Re: E-M5 FW 1.5 reduces banding with the 20mm lens?

Vlad S wrote:

I did not look at your example because you pointed to the head of the thread, and there is a lot of messages to go through. If you want you can provide a link to the photo itself here, or the actual message containing the example.


you can download the RAW file here:


and you can look at an 2x downsized jpg (with the banding less evident due to resize) here:


EM5 with fw 1.5 and Pana 20 (f1.7, iso6400, 1/30s,). Look at the shadow in the right side of the wooden furniture.

This is a pure test image, but when I shoot in low light indoor random moving people (kid), even wide open, I often reach the iso 6400 level in auto iso (and to get a not blurred kid you need more shutter speed than 1/30s of this example shot).

That said, probaby it's true that with fw 1.5 the issue is somewhat reduced, and this is a good news, but it's still not solved, and all the other lenses doesn't have this problem in same conditions, so something is still wrong here...

Hope it will help.


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