How well does an Olympus E-620 compare to an Olympus E-3?

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Re: How well does an Olympus E-620 compare to an Olympus E-3?

I am going to examine things from a different direction. Rather than comparing the Olympus E-620 to the pro level E-3, I will compare it to my current E-510. When I do, I see that:

1) the E-620 has an upgraded 12.3 MP sensor (more pixels is a good thing)

2) it has slightly improved high ISO performance (at least 800 ISO still looks good, and 1600 in a pinch is tolerable)

3) it offers more choices in ISO setting between ISO 100 and ISO 800 (so I don't have too back things off too far in one step)

4) has a significantly upgraded auto-focus system with facial recognition (I doubt the facial recognition will do much with the type of photography I am interested in, but it IS an upgrade)

5) has an articulating LCD screen (that will make taking some photographs a lot easier)

6) has a more advanced three level image stabilization system (I am sure it helps a bit)

The E-620 is clearly a decent step up from my current camera, and it fits in my revised budget. Furthermore, I can sell my older E-510 with 14-42mm kit lens and spare battery to a friend for $150, so my upgrade cost will only be $300. Are the new improvements worth $300? I would have to say yes.

I just made the call, and my local camera store has set the camera kit aside for me (I got the last one).

Thanks for everyones input.

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