E-M5 FW 1.5 reduces banding with the 20mm lens?

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Re: Olympus attitude

sigala1 wrote:

Jozef M wrote:

I feel I can't trust my gear no more, and I don't like that. Olympus isn't very talkative about this problem, maybe they like you to buy their new 17mm. Maybe they think if we shut up, ignore this problem, it goes away by itself.
Olympus, do something about this banding and be open, talk about it, is there a solution?

Typical Olympus attitude to NEVER talk about bugs. Has Olympus ever owned up to the fact that the IBIS is broken on the E-PM1? Nope.

I am sure Olympus does monitor this forum, and they do seem to fix issues in their new products, but they NEVER own up to the fact the issues existed in the first place. As you should know, Olympus has a pretty bad reputation for business ethics.

Which camera companies are open talking about their bugs?

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