would you sell your 5n and replace it for n6 5r or n7 ?

Started Oct 16, 2012 | Questions thread
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Re: Would answer change if you were purchasing now?

linetest wrote:

I'd like to sell my 5N for a 6. But what a beating I would take dollar wise. Not only has the price dropped since I bought it a few short months ago, but now with the 5R and announced 6, it makes it two generations old already. I'd get less than 50% on a camera with less than 500 shots. Think I'll grab an EVF and split time between the 5N and my new RX100.

Well I can't seem to edit my post, gives me a page error.

By two generations I mean the 6 is likely to come down in price blurring the line between the 5R and 6. Technically only the 5R has replaced the 5N. But I am not sure how many would take the 5R over the 6.

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