GoPro HD HERO3 Rumor Roundup

Started Oct 16, 2012 | Discussions thread
archiebald Senior Member • Posts: 1,499
Re: GoPro HD HERO3 Rumor Roundup

Robert Anderson wrote:

Still no LCD screen and it requires a housing to mount it or to be waterproof.

I am more interested in the new JVC. It has an LCD screen, built-in wifi, tripod socket, and it's waterproof without an external housing.

Wrong on both counts.

It has an optional touch screen meaning that when you are indulging in some extreme action there is less weight and less to break.  Plus it uses the Frame for mounting without the need for the housing.

As for the JVC, what is the point of a tripod socket on a wearable action camera?  A tripid socket on the HD 3 would take up a largeable part of the camera volume - you do know how small it is do you?

And the JVC is waterproof to 5 meters.  Harr Harr!!  That is splash proof.

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