Help me avoid a domestic - a57 kit lens thoughts appreciated.

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Re: Help me avoid a domestic - a57 kit lens thoughts appreciated.

Gavin69 wrote:

First thoughts, it doesn’t look like I can get hold of a sony a57 body only for less than a57 with Kit.  £499 at Jessops or Amazon with £50 cash back.

Good grief I had no idea - I'm well out of touch. I thought the A57 was much more. That is sorely tempting, I sold all my Alpha kit including lenses because I needed the money and miss it very much... £449 is what the A200 with 18-70 was priced at when launched! I remember thinking that was amazing value.

What do people think of the SAL18135 18-135mm F3.5-5.6 SAM?  Could I expect to obtain shallow DOF on indoor shots?  Look like I can get hold of one of these for just £260!

DOF depends on focal length and subject distance too, but in general you can expect better subject isolation than smaller sensored cameras. Sorry if you already mentioned but what camera are you coming from? If non-DSLR you will notice the DOF difference immediately regardless of lens.

Another thing to think about is for not much more you can now get the A65 body, which is most of the key features of the A77 for a lot less money. The OLED viewfinder is really that much better, though having handled an A57 I'd be very happy with that, coming from an A700 myself.

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