Firmware update for 1DX

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Re: Firmware update for 1DX

blueuser wrote:

..snip..Hope that Canon will do the same for the 5D Mark III

I'm skeptical that Canon will also propagate this 'fix' to the 5DIII.

My theory is that certain renowned photographers proved that the AF in the 1DX worked quite well at f/8 using a certain non-reporting TC. Given that many 1DIV and earlier 1D series owners grumbled about the lack of this ability and also that the camera seems to function quite well at f/8, perhaps Canon felt some pressure to re-enable this ability, regardless of any limitations they may have determined previously that caused them to limit AF to less than f/8. Do recall it took a really  loooong time for Canon to release the 1DX. Time will prove whether or not the camera is up to the task for the majority of 1DX owners who rely on this capability..

Since no previous 5D model ever focused at f/8, its rather doubtful Canon would provide this functionality. Does the 5DIII have the necessary resources to properly provide AF at f/8?

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