QV-3500 Test Mode

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Re: QV-3500 Test Mode

(best do the following with an empty CF-Card)

Is there something like:


move (+ -) to BAYER CAPTURE and press the SHUTTER

The camera should change to REC Mode. Now make some Images and than
take a look on your CF-Card.

Next step - tell us the results



Hi Thomas,

I've now read some of the the posts on the 4000 etc from Maurice and seen your web site and see what you are trying to do. Presumably if you can do your own filter for photoshop you can bypass the casio algorithm and make your own tiff or jpg quality from these raw images? Then you get a 'super' tiff image out of the camera?

Ok then this is what happens on the 3500:

If I set it to noise capture I take several pics and they end up in a normal folder on the flash card, each image is around 300k size with a green tint. The camera was set to 1024x768 fine.

If I set it to Bayer capture I take several pics and get normal looking pics in the normal folder around 300k with the above resolution with one extra file nocomp.bay around 3.2 MB. Thus it must only be saving the last pic you take if overwriting the other ones?

If I set the camera to 2048x1536 tiff with noise I get green photos of around 1.25 MB size and green tiffs of 9 MB. With bay capture I get great looking photos of 1.2 MB in size with a nocomp.bay file of 3.06 MB in size inside the photo folder, and another nocomp.bay file of 3.06 MB size outside the folder. I get superb looking photos of 9 MB in size in the tiff folder. It takes about 35 seconds to save each pic in this mode. I don't know why it seems to save the bay file twice.

Beware trying to delete the folder with the bay file on the camera, it does not like it. Delete the folder on the pc. If you try and delete on the camera it corrupts the card and the camera tells you to format the card. I see why you recommended a blank card!

Glad to help the project in any way I can.

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