Nikon D600 Dusty sensors

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Mine has dust/oil on the sensor as well. I'm super happy about most aspects of this camera, love it,  but this set-back makes me sad. I've contacted Nikon and they asked me to send the camera in. I just might do that, but I'm sick and tired of sending my cameras to Nikon to get fixed. Really hoped this one would be problem-free. At least it has no focusing issues! Photo was taken at f/22 with 70-200mm VR and flash. Spots are barely noticeable wide open (expect for that very dark one in the center). Of course now that I know they're there, I see them in many of my photos. The problem is real.

Why don't you just clean it?  It's something required of every DSLR from time to time.

I'd like to clean it myself, but I've heard people tell me that doing a wet clean will void my warranty. I don't yet know if this is just dust or if it's oil. The self-cleaning sensor mechanism doesn't even put a dent into it. Does nothing at all, in fact. I'll have to have someone more knowledgeable take a look inside and tell me what it is. I'm also not opposed to taking it to a local camera store and having the sensor cleaned there. The point is the sensor was dirty straight out of the box and it got worse with every shot. Dust is normal, but not at this level. I've made over 50,000 shots with my D40X and at least 40,000 with my D7000. Neither of those cameras have ever had this kind of dirt/dust/oil issue even after thousands of photos and hundreds of lens-changes.

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