Is the ZD 7-14 the best wide-angle lens on the planet?

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Rich Z
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Re: Is the ZD 7-14 the best wide-angle lens on the planet?

I agree with you on the magnificent ZD 7-14. I bought mine years ago, $1400, during a discount, new. It delights me each time I use it. One of the things I love about it is how it will wrap a sky over your head, giving a bit of 3D effect to a landscape. I've found that the lens cap will work off from the jolts of walking when the camera is attached to a belt holster with the lens pointed down. I had a good samaritan bring it to me after it dropped. That was the only time, that cap is expensive! The cap is an interference fit, caused by felt inside the cap, but the felt compresses with use, so to slightly increase the interference, I cut a 3/8" square of velcro, the soft piece, not the scratchy gripping piece, with adhesive back and stuck it inside the cap, where it will interfere with the petals on the hood. This just slightly tightened up the cap to the hood. It hasn't fallen off, since.

Here's a favorite landscape from my E5 with ZD 7-14. I hope you enjoy yours for many years.

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