These forums now crash IE8 whenever I type....

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Re: These forums now crash IE8 whenever I type....

Simon Joinson wrote:

kkardster wrote:

IE8 is still one of the most-used browsers in the world and it's ridiculous that DPR chose not to support it.  All the IE8 bashers are just lucky that they have the luxury of upgrading to IE9 or loading some other browser.  Many of us use company laptops that are locked down and don't allow us the same luxury.  [I do have a home computer running Win7/IE9, but I don't take it on the airplane with me for my job.]

Don't you think we should be past the "update your browser to fix our problems" stage at this point in the internet?  It's no longer in its infancy and we shouldn't all have to change its diapers any more.  Heck, this site is really just a simple blogging system that shouldn't require Win7/IE9.  I guess I'm lucky to have the "luxury" that IE8 doesn't crash for me - I just have to wait several minutes for some script to time out before I can complete any post.  [I've had three such "timeouts" writing this post.]

As i pointed out earlier IE8 represents less than 7% of our visits, so 'still one of the most used browsers' is, for us, not technically true. That said, we're working on adding the extra code necessary to overcome the issues faced with supporting older versions of IE.

And to answer your question, no. The "update your browser to fix our problems" - in other words support for older, less compliant browsers - will get worse, not better.


Does 7% of visits == 7% of posts?  I know I often check on a hand-held device but usually post from my laptop.  Not a big deal - glad to hear you're pursuing it.

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