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Re: Yes, it could be here next week, but...

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...with 10-30mm kit zoom. Heck of a deal. Probably means V1 2 is on the way soon.


Hurry up, only one left for that price...

No, there won't be a V2, but the price of V1 is going up due to the fact that the speculations about the V2 is now confirmed BS, so now they are no longer afraid about getting stuck with a lot of V1s on stock.

"Confirmed BS"? Who confirmed it?


Yeah, sure mate.

OK, so where is the V2?

The price of the V1 kit dropped during Photokina because people were speculating about the V2. It is for me obvious that Nikon did not release any V2 and that the prices went up again. Of course, not to the same level as it was a year ago, which is fully normal, but it is not falling like a stone and is not been replaced. Of course, one day it will be replaced by something else but my guess is that it won't happen very soon. Anyway, the current price is $489.80 according to that link above.

V2 could be here next week...


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...we will see that next week. Then you might say it could be here the week after... and so on. It could have been here during Photokina as well, but it wasn't.

Well it was only ever speculation that a V2 would arrive at Photokina.    NR is extremely reliable when they state a definite release date for something and Photokina was never it for the V2.

Whatever happens happens. I have done my shopping for this year, so I won't be interested. I am happy with the V1 as it is and don't really need a new version.

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