Sigma APO 120-300MM OS F2.8 versus Nikon 70-200 F2.8 VR11

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Re: Sigma APO 120-300MM OS F2.8 versus Nikon 70-200 F2.8 VR11

I have both. And they are both great lenses. Though I needed a second copy of the Sigma (first one was very inconsistent). I also have some examples:

D7000 - 70-200mm VRII:

D7000 - 120-300mm OS (pictures from May 2012 are with the second copy):

I see many people warning/complaining about the weight of the Sigma. I remember the first time I was out all day with my new Sigma 150-500mm: at the end of the day I could not even get the lens+camera up in the air !!

When I bought the 120-300mm (being double the weight) I was worried it would be worst. But thruth to be told: I had little problem with it. Even doing shoots all day long. I'm no body builder or sporty type, but I just had litle trouble with it.

But I did buy the 70-200mm for when I didn't need 300mm. It does only weight half and is less obstrusive.

I always shoot hand hold so I have VR/OS on all the time. So I can not comment on that

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