How well does an Olympus E-620 compare to an Olympus E-3?

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Re: How well does an Olympus E-620 compare to an Olympus E-3?

I will clarify things a bit. I got back into photography earlier this summer with a used Olympus E-510 camera and kit lens that a friend sold me cheap. Before that, I hadn't touched a SLR camera since high school in the 1970's. I have used my E-510 a fair bit, and like its light weight. The basic concept of the 4/3rd design makes sense to me, and I love the in-camera stabilization. It has been simple enough to use that I now grasp the basic principles of using a digital SLR camera.

Having said that, the E-510 is a bit TOO simplistic. I don't really like the basic three point auto-focus system, and wish it had an articulating LCD screen. Don't get me wrong; the E-510 is a world away from the old Canon AE-1 I used to play with. I just want to get a bit too much out of it.

Therefore, I started thinking of upgrading. I had planned to wait and get an Olympus E-5 towards spring, but my recent accident has cut my finances to the bone. I had thought of a used E-3, but thought if I was going that far, I might as well go one jump higher. Now, circumstances prevent that. At best, I can afford an upgrade to a used Olympus E-3, and these camera bodies seem to range around $800 on ebay. Realistically, this option is about $200 to expensive for me to do right away.

I was in my local camera store, and told them it looked like a new E-5 was out of the picture, and they mentioned that they still had a few Olympus E-620 kits, and were selling them at half price. Note these are NEW and not refurbished items. The upgrade would fix must of the issues I have with the current E-510, and would fit into my revised budget. I would be able to act on it now, and then I would get rid of the older E-510 and put the money I saved towards a good tripod.

I recognize that I have a lot to learn about photography, and that buying better equipment will not necessarily equate to better pictures. I just want to step up a little bit higher to get a more suitable tool to learn photography with. I will not upgrade again for at least two or three years, once I have learned how to get the most of what I have.

My primary interest is in outdoors photography. I don't take photos of sports, and will rarely do portrait photography. Most of my photographs will be taken between 1 hr before sunrise and 1 hr after sunset, so high ISO performance is not a big issue for me. Other than not having the weatherproofing benefits of the E-3, would an E-620 work well in these circumstances? My gut is saying yes...

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