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Re: At least it is cheaper at Amazon than on Beach Camera's own website

billythek wrote:

bellevilleguy wrote:

I've notice a few retailers trying to gouge people for this lens!!  My advice is too wait for the market to be flooded with them and every retailer has stock....  Then the price will fall....

You may have to wait awhile - the demand is very high for this lens.  I don't think there will be a lot of surplus stock until after Christmas.  That said, I don't think anyone should even think about paying more than $2299 for this lens, unless they are under a hard deadline.  Just watch the forum and act quickly when some store has it in stock.

The shock of paying that much for a lens will wear off, eventually, I hope.
- Bill

It certainly is an awful price for that lens....  After having a crappy first version, I think I will pass on this one!  LOL!  My wording about waiting for the market to be flooded probably isn't the best, as I can remember the previous version never really that that status!  It seem it was always sold out...


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