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Re: How to reproduce zoom bug...

Yemble wrote:

tbcass wrote:

Yemble wrote:

Seriously ???

You obviously never preview photos on the LCD then.

On the contrary I do it all the time and have never had that error message. Why is it just because one person has a problem people think everybody must also have the problem? Maybe it has something to do with the memory card you are using or the way you are reviewing. The OP said it happens when he uses the control wheel which I don't do. I use the 4 way controller on the back of the camera. Could you describe exactly what you are doing when it happens so I can try to duplicate it?

1) Take a photo

2) Press AF/MF to zoom in

3) Rotate front wheel to select previous photo

BTW, you cannot use the controller to select a different photo when zoomed in, as it simply pans within the current photo.  This is nothing to do with memory cards, it is simply a bug within the A77 firmware.

When I read the above the other day I did not think I had experienced this with my a77.  However, to make sure I went out and shot about a dozen shots in RAW, 3 in RAW plus JPEG, and three JPEG fine.  After opening preview on the LCD and then pressing AF/MF in no case was I able to reproduce the problem as you describe it.  Using the front wheel I easily moved backwards and forwards amongst the series of shots.  The back wheel zoomed in and out on the shots and the joy stick moved the view about the opened frame.

For the record I use a 32 GB Sandisk Extreme Pro rated at 45MB/s.

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