Is there no single decent pro wide angle zoom lens from Nikon?

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Re: Is there no single decent pro wide angle zoom lens from Nikon?

14-24 is incredible and that's about the only area where Nikon is beating Canon in the UWA zoom segment. Flare is controllable and all types of filters are available. It beats many WA primes in image quality and also has little light falloff in the corners wide open, which is great for nighttime star shots.

I was about to get a 16-35 f4VR, but damn that HYPE! It's not sharp across the whole frame and the Canon 16-35II kills it when both are wide open. Distortion is around 6% at 16mm, which is around 2 times as much as Canon's.

Can you really call it 16mm when digital distortion correction kills your FOV advantage? NO!

Oh, and as you can see here, the Nikon 17-35 is HELLA more sharp than the Canon. So sharp that the imaging software was cut and started bleeding out detail. (sarcasm)

I was fooled by a lot of the fanboy comments where people just put on the blinders and stick their heads in the sand. After some research, I've found the OP claims to be quite justified. Nikon has a 14-24 that will probably never be matched by Canon or Sony. Other than that, it's in Canon's court for now.

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