NEX alternative to small M43 system?

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Re: I own GF2 + Sigma 19, bought a NEX C3 + Sigma 30

clearzoom wrote:

can NX100 work in low light , give low noise in high iso

If price doesn't matter, the NEX offers ca. 15% better IQ for 2x more than the NX. NX100, the cheap&compact version of the NX10/11, has ca. 1 step more noise than the 16Mp Exmor (NEX-C3/5N...etc). Therefore i don't shoot w/ it JPGs above 800, and RAW above 1600. Yet for $220 there's nothing else sharper and better in IQ per $*gram than a humble NX100 with its 20-50mm kit zoom.

Eric, aka viking79, has performed some very useful NEX-NX comparisons and reviews at; see also

Some 20x compressed (by my Picasa settings) landscape and macro samples of NX100 OOC JPG below (note: NX100's RAW in LR is significantly better than its JPG engine).

And to return to this forum, I'll re-shoot most of the above again w/ the NEX-C3, when it arrives and i have the right seasons (these are backyard shots, hence easy to redo). Mitch

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