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Re: Jill's Participation.

harry cannoli wrote:

Hi Jill,

I have never seen a Spitting Bug. I suppose it ejects a fluid as a defensive mechanism? It's a cute little bug that looks nice on that leaf.

The shrike.. The only shrike I have seen is the loggerhead shrike. It's body design is similar to your shrike but the coloring is different. I'm wondering about the birds behavior. Our shrike is a heartless killer. It takes it's prey and impales it on a sharp branch before it eats it. Is your shrike as ruthless as ours? The photo is lovely (as usual) that bird couldn't look better.

The ibis? My second favorite bird. Viewing an ibis always makes my heart sing, so thank you. Nice shot, it feels lonely. Peaceful, but lonely.

Thanks, Jill.


ice nine photography

Hi Rich,

Thanks for your kind remarks...

Spitting Bug..he actually sprays a liqiuid out of his rear that burns one..so that is his defence mechanism.

Shrike.. this one is called a Fiscal shrike, he feeds on bugs and worms. Then we have another called a Jacky Hangman..he is also a shrike, they are very similar, only difference is the beek, and he behaves exactly like your loggerhead shrike. His beek is hooked and he goes for the baby birds, frogs and grasshoppers.

Well the Ibis, delighted you like him..lonely, probably my photograpic skills , did not get a bunch of them ...next time...promise !!




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