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Started Oct 17, 2012 | Discussions thread
Billx08 Forum Pro • Posts: 11,373
Photo uploads don't work here either.

widick wrote:

Thanks for the response.  The pictures are on my hard drive and I used the "insert from your computer" "icon.  The files are jpegs.  My upload speed is 370 kb.  ( I live on an island and can only access one ISP. )

I had typed a reply about how to proceed and then tried uploading from my own hard drive to verify that I wouldn't type something incorrectly but I not only found that uploading photos doesn't work here any more, I wasn't able to cancel the upload without aborting the reply. So it appears that the problem isn't on your end and DPR's web team has yet another new bug to fix. Inserting images from the web still works, though, but that won't help you if you don't have your images saved on a photo host.

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