Please advise, Nikon d800e with 24-70mm v Canon 5d m3 with 24-70mm...

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Vivid1 wrote:

Stepanfo wrote:


Fashion and portraiture - that calls for the best image quality.

Off course it does - but obviously you have not done portraiture before - you have control over lighting - no need to push shadows by 4-5 stops - so no need AT ALL for your drange advantage. Go talk to real users in the field about Canon vs Nikon colours and forget about your DXO numbers (which btw are a massive joke - show me images where d800 is '14 points' better than the 5d )

D800 and d800e are primarily landscapers cameras and 5dIII for everything else. IMO one of the biggest advantages of Canon over Nikon for portraiture and fashion are the f1.2 50mm and 85mm - they are both AMAZING lenses

I could not disagree more!  The D800 bodies can be compared to MFD in terms of DR, color depth and resolution, the 5d3 cannot.  There's far more to DR advantages than pushing shadows and pushing shadows with incredibly clean results has tremendous advantages as well.

When Canon announces their high DR / resolution camera, all of a sudden Canon users such as Vivid here will have a miraculous epiphany regarding DR & resolution.  It will be "entertaining".  If Vivid and others of this misguided opinion are correct, then Canon should stop all R&D and just say the 5d3 is the end of road.  Or I guess you guys want Canon to focus on developing clean iso 816,000 since resolution and DR don't have value for you.  Sorry, but that's nuts.

I do agree the Canon 50 f1.2 is special.  The 85...Nikon is just as good.

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