GH2 vs G5 (for still photography) ?

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Re: GH2 vs G5 (for still photography) ?

Maybe you should wait for the GH3 to ship so you'll know how much still IQ improvement you'll get compared to your GH2?

You haven't identified any problems with your GH2. Sounds like you just want to buy something new. Nothing wrong with that, but these cameras are all different enough that you could wind up with something new, maybe with better IQ, that you like less than what you have now. Unless you really quantify what improvements you're looking for, and what you're willing to give up to get them, you could just as well flip a coin and buy whatever the coin says.

Other than just wanting something new, what else do you need/want in a new camera? Other than wanting something new, why replace your GH2? I think these two questions matter much more than "how does still IQ quality compare?"

The G5 has slight improvement over the GH2 in IQ, AF speed and touch screen usability. Loses multi-aspect sensor, loses body controls, smaller/lighter can be plus/minus depending on what you like. Buy a G5 and you will have a new camera with some benefits/improvements. You will not have significantly better still IQ, and you will lose some useful features.

Buy an E-M5 and you'll have a new camera with at least moderate still IQ improvement. You'll have retro styling, which you say you dislike. You'll have a significantly different user interface and limited touch screen capability. If you have more than one Panny lens, the E-M5 doesn't work as well with Panny lenses as a Panny body (see postings re: high ISO banding, rattlesnaking, no CA correction, etc).

We don't know what the GH3 really offers you until it ships. There will/should be still IQ improvement; will it be moderate or significant? There will/should be interface improvements, but it is also bigger/heavier. It won't be cheap, and it will probably be hard to get for quite some time (if past history is a guide...).

Good luck and cheers!

ajamils1 wrote:

My question was directed strictly towards shooting stills. I currently have GH2 and just been feeling the urge to get something new. I was waiting for GH3 but I don't think I can justify spending that much money when all I want to do is shoot stills. So looking at the current options, G5 seems to be a good replacement for GH2 (I don't care for retro looks and that's why no OMD)

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