How is the new hybrid auto-focus on NEX 5R/6?

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Re: re: yes, oficial reviewers might be [and usually are] in a binding agreement...

What I heard is

The first wave of testers don't have 16-50mm lens in hands.

The old 18-55 lens need firmware update to comply PDAF, which is not available right now.

Although a few testers who do have 16-50mm to test reported mixed bag.

Some said they are not faster than older NEX.

Some said they are much faster than fastest NEX, on par with m43.

jpr2 wrote:

nevercat wrote:

I don't find it that strange, as most don't have a a camera with a production version of the firmware. So they can't really tell a lot about how good (or bad) it is.

  • ...with producers, about not disclosing some shortcomings;
  • but this doesn't apply to independent users,
  • and seldom prevented early testers in the past to asses how some new features might be faring (usually expressing a hidden or even overt hope that the final version will display a marked improvement)


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