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Re: South Central Utah - Looking for suggestions

You didn't mention when you'll be going.

I've been to southern Utah several times.  You will be about 2.5 hours from Zion National Park and less than an hour from Bryce Canyon National Park depending upon where you'll be staying.

Using the town of Escalante as a center point you aren't too far from Devil's Garden (Escalante - not to be confused with Arches NP). Devil's Garden is about 10 miles down Hole-in-the-Wall road. It's a dirt road so don't drive too fast. Once there you can spend an hour or so (depending upon if you're just interested in seeing or if you're into photography.

I haven't been to Spooky or Peek-a-Boo as I'm too old for scrambling over rocks.

Somebody mention Lower Calf Creek Falls. I've been there twice and it's a beautiful waterfall.

Between Escalante and Bryce Canyon is the town of Cannonville. There's a visitors center there. If the weather is not threatening ask for directions to Willis Creek about 10 miles south of the town. The drive there is an adventure but they now have a sign at the psrking lot. Willis Creek is a slot canyon. Each slot is between 100 and 200 yards long and they get deeper as you go further. So go about 5-6 slots before turning back. As I wrote getting there is an adventure but the hike/walk once you're there is a simple, flat walk. Don't be surprised if you're the only person there. Possibly the same with Devil's Garden.

If you haven't been to Arches National Park you might also be interested in going to Grosvenor Arch. It's also south of Cannonville but at the fork you take the left side and not the right side that goes to Willis Creek. This road is paved until Kodachrome State Park and then also becomes dirt but more level that the road to willis Creek.

You can see my photos of trips there at:

Select any trip in Utah.

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