FX. Is Nikon forcing me to buy used?

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FX. Is Nikon forcing me to buy used?

I have a great D300 that I plan to continue using for sports and other things that require long focal lengths with speed.  However, I have recently migrated to all primes (24PCE, 35(DX), 50, 85, 200, and 300) and am interested in trying out FX.  Here is what I am thinking about my options and am curious to hear any feedback regarding what I might be overlooking:

Current cameras…

D4 – I wish, too much $$.

D800 –I just don’t have a need for that many pixels and don’t want to crop in-camera.  I don’t expect the extra megapixels would make me any more than I currently make at photography (mostly stock photography).

D600 – I held one and it feels worse in my hands than my old D80.  That and the lack of external controls completely turns me off, though the sensor resolution is closer to what I want.

So, considering discontinued cameras:

D700 – Except for only 12 megapixels, it seems just right.  I would prefer more like 16 to 20 megapixels, but I really like the ISO capabilities and feel of this camera.  Plus, I could use the same batteries and grip that I already have.  For roughly $1600 to $1800, I could venture into FX with a proven camera.

D3 – This seems very comparable to the D700 and except for the extra FPS, I don’t see what it buys me for $500 more than the D700.  Besides, for sports I will stick with the D300 for the extra reach and speed.

D3s – This also seems to give me most of what I want (except more pixels) – speed and really great high ISO.  However, at close to $4k, that seems like a lot for a three year old camera.  The low cost of the D700 really seems to outweigh the D3s considering what I get given what I want/need.

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