Hummingbirds and the D4

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Re: Hummingbirds and the D4

Thanks Bill.  No problem sharing the setup info.  That's the best thing about the forums is the amount of sharing that goes on so we all learn so much quicker.


bills_pix wrote:

Thanks for your willingness to be so forthcoming with the details of your setup.  Looking forward to seeing more amazing images.

mshetzer wrote:


I've been using Nikon speedlights (7), impact flash stands, Photix triggers and I make my own backgrounds.  It's a big heavy setup, and the airlines these days are making a killing off me.

I like having the control on my backgrounds as I can shift the background colors to produce different images, rather than all being the same background.

For next years workshop, I'll be adding an 8th speedlight to the set up and creating more backgrounds.

Hope this helps.


Outstanding images, among the best I've seen of hummingbirds.

Would you mind commenting on the non-camera equipment used such as flashes, stands, triggers, backgrounds  etc.?  Thank you.

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