Switching from Canon 7D to FF (advice needed)

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Re: Switching from Canon 7D to FF (advice needed)

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I had a situation similar to yours; I had 5D, 5D2 and 7D with a bunch of L lenses. I tried the 5D3, I really wanted to like it given my lens collection, borrowed it from a local shop twice (1/2 days each time) and wandered around with it. Loved the feel of it, felt just like my 7D. Then I shot with a D800 for a couple of days in Hawaii, came back to the mainland and sold off my FF Canon bodies, kept the 7D (15-85 and 300 2.8) for shooting my borzoi dogs and picked up the D800. The D800 is the best camera I have used.

Still thinking whether it is right to switch to D800.....it is very troublesome to sell my canon gears......much easier to get 5D3 from a shop immediately and continue shooting with Canon
however, I have compared D800 + 35 f/1.4 vs 5D3 + 35L.....the former produce much sharper image....but AF is considerably slower than Canon's 35L.....
AWB is more accurate than Canon's I think
so what I can do now is
- spend around 3000 USD to get 5D3 
- sell my current gears 17-40 f/4L + 70-200 f/4L + 35L + 100 macro + 7D for around 3400 USD and add another 2500 USD (total 5900 USD....) to get D800 + 35 f/1.4G + 85 f/1.4G
What do you think?!?!


Nikon are about to announce a 70-200 f/4 next week...

I know!!!! Nikon is on the right track! 
she announced a lot of great lenses over the last 2 years (24+35+85) f/1.4 + (28+50+85) f/1.8
and let alone D600 and D800!!!

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