Upgrading to D600 with these lenses?

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Re: Upgrading to D600 with these lenses?

EYeye wrote:

robb01 wrote:

Just another quick question, didn't realize there was a dx mode on the fx cameras, if the d600 in dx is 10.1 mp, what is it on the D800?

Just below 16 MP (15.3, I THINK).

ALSO: you can force DX mode and use an FX lens if you wish, and some say that this "extra reach" is worthwhile, whereas others report that simply cropping the FX image is better quality image due to the 36 MP of a D800 - or a tossup with the D600's 24 MP - (YMMV).

I am still learning D600 and am not sure, but suspect this depends on what focal length AND distance to the image focus point you have chose to crop from or "DX reach".

I think what I'm mostly considering now is selling all of my current equipment, and getting the D600 with the 24-85 f/ 3.5, that will cover all my current focal lengths and be an fx lens

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