To zoom or not to zoom........

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Re: To zoom or not to zoom........

James O'Neill wrote:

Chris Dennehy wrote:

As I don't like dragging a load of prime lenses around with me so I pick one for the day and good luck but inevitably the wrong focal length is always on the camera,

Don't automatically assume that zooms solve this I used to have FAJ 18-35 , FA 28-105 and a sigma 100-300, and which ever one was on the camera was the wrong one.

Yep, Murphy's Law is alive and well.

and as I also don't like changing lenses in the field,     zooms appear to be the best solution, but, zooms while being less expensive than a bunch of primes do not have the quality of prime lenses, but zooms are mostly heavy and big and not at all discrete.

I long since stopped worring about changing lenses.  I've found my 18-250 has quality enough (see and it is probably the weight of any 3 of my primes, and much bigger at the wide end, a little bigger at the tele but I never worried about being discrete. I use the primes when I need speed and quality , and the uber-zoom for flexibility.  Simple.

I'm not that great a photographer and I don't like standing out in the crowd.

Kind Regards.

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