To zoom or not to zoom........

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Re: To zoom or not to zoom........

GeoffNS wrote:

Hi Chris, I would second the suggestion made by Gerry. Two heavy DSLRs are burdensome, but one DSLR and one Pentax Q are a solution well worth considering.  I also find that my Pentax Q often goes with me now when my K10D does not and gets shots that I otherwise would have missed.  Of course, the small sensor Q doesn't match DSLR image quality in some situations, but I find it gives great results, certainly adequate for my needs much of the time.

I looked long and hard at the Q but I already have a Ricoh CX1 and I thought the Q had too many possibilities for LBA.

When using my K10D I prefer to use my DA Limited primes (21,40 & 70mm),but when travelling with family or friends who are not happy with waiting for me to change lenses, then I use the Pentax 18-250 super zoom for a Do-All lens.

Yes, for the same situation I have the Sigma 18-125 which I think is quite a nice lens, but traveling in Italy it soon became too big and too heavy to carry around so I ended up using the Ricoh CX1 with my Samsung EX1 for most of the time and the Pentax and lens were left at the hotel and I've pretty much made up my mind if I go traveling again the Pentax will be left at home.

I don't know what you have in your collection of lens, but if you get a Q you could also consider a K to Q adapter. The 5 times crop factor of the Q produces amazing telephoto results with K mount lens.

I think LBA would take over.

Kind regards

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