To zoom or not to zoom........

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Re: To zoom or not to zoom........

viking79 wrote: If you are only shooting for fun, try this.  Take only 1 prime out with you, and leave the others at home or where you can't easily get to them.  Yes, you will miss shots you could have had with a different prime, but you might start looking at how you can get a different angle and possibly better shot that with a more convenient lens you would have overlooked.

I usually decide which lens today and let Murphy's Law take it's course.

Cycle between 2 or 3 lenses and figure out which ones work the best for you, etc.  Often times for APS-C it might be a 20 or 24, 35, and a 50, and others might need telephoto lenses in there or a macro lens or similar.

I shall have to get a bag with a spare spot in it for easily depositing the removed lens before I put the new one on. Unless I am in a town, which is rare, it is usually landscape or really WILD birds which requires a huge telephoto to get within an Asses roar of them which I do not have and no intention of buying, either that or trying to look part of the scenery while crawling across wide open mud flats,  so I have more or less made up my mind to let them go. I tried tele convertors on the Tamron 70-300 but the image was much too degraded, then I tried a mirror lens and did not like that at all, so the birds are safe for now.

If you can't make this decision, get a very large and cumbersome f/2.8 zoom.  They are the best compromise between shallow depth of field, good image quality at large apertures, convenience, etc, and will be the most prime like in use.

Yes I have been looking at both the Sigma and Tamron 70-200 lenses but your description of them as large and cumbersome is perfectly correct, well I think so anyway.

Thank you

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