Please advise, Nikon d800e with 24-70mm v Canon 5d m3 with 24-70mm...

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Re: Please advise, Nikon d800e with 24-70mm v Canon 5d m3 with 24-70mm...

Martin_MM wrote:

Well, I´m a Nikon shooter today but for you, I would recommend the 5DmkIII. I think it better fits the indended use - it is overall more balanced camera for speed, action and reportage. I also believe the 5DmkIII/1DX AF module is the most advanced as of today but I haven´t done any scientific testing, I admit, I have just got this feeling based on specs and reports of some pros.

Of course I´m sure the difference wouldn´t be "huge" between D800/5DmkIII (as some posters say) but I would pick Canon today if I were in your shoes.

The other question is the price/performance ratio.... well, if you take it as a tool to earn money, I wouldn´t consider this factor that much. But if it is not the main source of your income, the truth is - exactly like the man in previous post wrote - Canon seems to charge rather unhealthy premium money for their latest products (which are certainly very good but not miles ahead of competition as the price may suggest...). For instance, according to the first tests, the latest 24-70II certainly seems very good but it seems roughly on the same level as Nikon´s old 24-70/2.8 with the price of 70-200/2.8 IS II..... Well, you are the one to judge and make decision.

This is interesting.  A  lot of professional fashion work is done with mf...which is far slower than both the canon or nikon. With that in mind, I'd say speed differences are fairly irrelevant.  Keep in mind that you can also use a 1.2  crop on the nikon and still have superior rez, dr, and similar speed.

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