iPad3 VS Calibrated Macbook screen

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Re: iPad3 VS Calibrated Macbook screen

MirekE wrote:

christophorosp wrote:

When i process the images and transfer them to my iPad 3 however, the images look more "alive" due to the retina display but also, the color shifts towards a cooler tone.

When you start your calibration, the software likely asks you about some target parameters, like brightness and white point you want to calibrate to.  You probably chose to calibrate your monitor to D50 or D65 (5000K or 6500K). Lower color temperature for the white point means warmer shift. The reason the software gives you the choice is that it allows you to match the screen with prints. I personally calibrate my laptop screen simply to its native white point and do not care about exact match between the monitor and the prints placed side by side in controlled light.

iPad's white point possibly higher than 6500K. If you chose D50 (and possibly even D65) the iPad will look cooler. If you want to match the two, find what is the iPad's white point exactly (6700K?) and calibrate your laptop monitor to the same temperature.

Fair enough. I would like to ideally process images that are plesant to look by an online audience; also i am aware that 99% of the people visiting my online gallery haven't got a calibrated monitor so their colors will be off.

My ideal scenario would be to produce as a generic result as possible, i.e. even if the image they view is off, color-wise, its not WAY-off. So as i understand it comes down to which exact temperature, i should calibrate my monitors (and iPad - use Spyder Gallery), is this correct?

Thanks for considering my question

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