To zoom or not to zoom........

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Re: To zoom or not to zoom........

Gerry Winterbourne wrote:

I dislike zooms (almost pathologically) because I used to find I lost more shots dithering between different FLs than I did by just using the fixed FL of a prime.  I don't know if this is because I grew up with primes before zooms were easily available or if it's just my mind; but the fact is there.

I grew up with primes too and I prefer them to zooms, mostly I must admit because of the weight and their discrete nature, there isn't a huge lump of equipment threatening anybody.

As a result I'm effectively a prime shooter (the exception is my Sigma 8-16, because no one makes an 8mm prime).  I don't carry "a load" of lenses, though.  Before going out I think what sorts of view I expect and then take a small selection of lenses - never more than three.  I I've been out only one day without my DA35/2.8 since I bought it in 2008; my second lens is usually the UWA zoom; after that it's one of FA50/1.4, DA70/2.4, DFA100/2.8 or DA*200/2.8.  The maximium weight including a spare battery and filters is about 2.5kg; usually well under 2kg.

I have the Sigma 10-20 for the wide angle shots, not too heavy as zooms go but still fairly large.

This entails a certain amount of lens changing but the K-5 dust removal system means that with normal care there's no problem.

Well there isn't that much dust around here but you do get rain and pollen in the seasons, it's more finding someplace to put down the one you are removing while you put the new one on.

I've recently added the Q to my line up.  It hardly counts as an extra body at about 200g including 01 Prime lens; but it stands in for the DA35 if I have one of the other lenses on the K-5 and I want a quick normal shot.

I thought about that very seriously but decided against that as I already own a Ricoh CX1 which is tidy enough and unlikely to to cause an attack of LBA.

First camera = Werra 1B 1958, first SLR EXA IIB 1962, First DSLR 2008

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