Sony 55-300 Comparison

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Why so little info on Sony 55-300mm

stefan662 wrote:

mmhendrie wrote:

... One of the interesting things for me is the Sony being 55 at the short end. Many times I'll take my 75-300mm (Minolta 'new') out with the family for a day at the zoo, and find myself having to jump back to something shorter to get the family shots, I think the 55 on the Sony might be a good solution for the flexibility, but provide better IQ then the super zooms. ...


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This was exactly one of the 2 major aspects (the other one being size) for me for choosing the Sony over the Tamron. I used the 55mm quite often and could leave the 16-50 in the bag.

I think the weight of the Sony lens and the 55mm at the wide end are two definite pluses. They are exactly the two reasons I'm still considering this lens. As we know, the Tamron and Sigma and other Sony offerings are heavier and start at 70mm.

All of this information can be learned from the press releases and spec sheets, however. There are very few subjective opinions being offered and virtually no reviews. Dyxum has only two user reviews, neither very good. Amazon has none so far. Jeff was good enough to share his opinions with us.

Surely there are other users on this forum that can give us their impressions. I hope so.

Thanks again to Jeff. Maybe he has some more thoughts to share.


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