Excellent Korean A99 review with good raw samples

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Re: Comparison?

moimoi wrote:

TrojMacReady wrote:

moimoi wrote:

Nope, because it is mostly useless to do so.  Yes, you can shoot in a lab, look at some dull photos taken with both cameras with the same focal length at the same ISO, but those circumstances are absolutely not practical, and does not give any hint of performances for real-life photography.

You rather handpick samples that suit your preconceived ideas than relying on controlled tests. Makes total sense.

Of course I am the one who is biased here... (just being sarcastic)

How else can we label your "comparisons" with which you entered this thread? It's either bias or being clueless. Pick your evil.

Controlled and well executed tests have always given me a good idea how cameras compare in the real world. On the other hand, I can handpick some image from my FZ18 that look better than those from my DSLR, despite a factor 15 difference in sensor size. Food for thought!

Bullcrap.  That's not what photography is about.

Says the one handpicking his melons vs grapes "comparisons"?

It's a good predictor of relative performance, provided the comparison uses a similar light temperature.

For example, take a shoot at night in New Orleans, in which you have some great opportunities but while shooting at ISO 3200-6400 could be necessary.  Then let's see how this new 24 MP sensor performs with both cameras.

Is that an invitation to wait with our conclusions or does in include a conclusion already? I'm ready to make a guess though: about half a stop difference in RAW. What were you expecting?

Anyhow, the link to IR is there, and I invite people to look at those shots.  People will be their own judge.  Period.

Sure, for those shooting jpegs at the default settings, it canbe helpful. Period.

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