Best lighting setup for church headshots.

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Best lighting setup for church headshots.

I am helping out my church by taking headshots for the website and I'm wondering what the best setup would be.  The church is huge, so I've got plenty of space to work in.
There's approximately 20 staff members, so i'd like to get as much done in camera as possible.
Here's what I've got to work with:

White walls on location (I have a 10' x 10' backdrop stand but the black backdrop cloth I have sucks, so i can use this option if necessary.  I can purchase a backdrop. They said we have a green backdrop somewhere in storage but i have no idea its actual color/quality so that'll be a last resort...)

Other locations in the church include stained glass "windows" (they're inside the building lit from behind), the main sanctuary with a bunch of pews (Its a Methodist Church, so nothing too ornate), large narthex with a wall of +12' windows, outside is a road and farm fields.

I'll be using my camera (D7k) and my 85 f/1.8

I've got 2 Yongnuo 460ii's and a SB-700.

Three 7' light stands

The Strobist gel collection

I've got a Large DIY beauty dish and three umberellas (1 white reflecting and 2 silver inside with diffusion material)

I've got a large (40"?) 5-in-1 reflector

Inginuity and a willingniss to try anything!

I'm looking for a lighting setup that is approprate for a church (i'm thinking more corperate then holywood!) but will be able work with a range of ages (30's to 70's).
I'm not sure how much time i've got with the members but i could make a schedule and break it out by age then modify my lighting setup...

Here's what i'm thinking:

I'll overpower ambient (florescent strip lighting about 10'-12' overhead)
Setup near a large open white wall and set up a chair (45deg facing camera left) about 8' from said wall.
Yongnuo (A) directly behind the person firing into the wall.
The SB-700 in the beauty dish at about 5' camera left (A few people have glasses so I'll adjust to keep the reflection out)
Yongnuo (B) camera right as a kicker.

I used this setup before and i think it worked out fairly well (the background is darker then i'd like).  (As this is the first head shot I've ever done, I'm very open to C&C).

Any thoughts/suggestions/ideas are greatly appriciated.

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