To zoom or not to zoom........

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Re: To zoom or not to zoom........

I generally don't worry about the consequences of changing lenses, so primes are my preference. Moreover, I find changing lenses is a good thing since it slows down my photography. To avoid changing lenses too much I learned to estimate better which scene needs which lens, as such I'm now much closer to "seeing" and judging the actual pictures before I even look through the view finder, let alone press the shutter release. And since the field-of-view is fixed once the choice made, I'll also look more careful to fill the frame with the subject while making the shot. I make fewer and better photographs when using primes, and I also have much less the impressing of having looked through my camera the entire time after a shoot. I've taking this apprenticeship to my photography with zooms as well, but on average, I still get better results with primes than with zooms.

On the other hand, when I travel I often visit places that are not lens change friendly. Because of the weather (dust/rain), because of time restrictions (on a long hike changing lenses for every shot may mean you won't make it to the destination before dark) or because of limited choice in shooting angle (when restricted to shooting from a vehicle on the road). In all these cases a zoom is a better solution, so I reluctantly leave the primes at home for these trips. Exception made for the macro (Sigma 180) and tele (FA*300).

So, nowadays, it's the nature of a trip that will decide on primes or zooms.

hth, Wim

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