Fuji X-E1 arriving in Europe!

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Re: Fuji X-E1 arriving in Europe!

Standing100 wrote:

Big question is to wait for the zoom or go for the 35mm.... always down to personal choice.

I agree. If it had been the other way around, the zoom was available first, then I would have said get the zoom as part of a package, then sell it later if you decide you'd prefer primes or once you have decided which FLs you are likely to work with most. As things are, I'm personally thinking I want the 35mm anyway so if anywhere is doing a kit with that (I heard someone mention Park Cameras here in the UK was) then that could be the way to go. Generally, if I'm buying a new body I look for a good deal on a lens combination as you get to try it out and it's difficult to lose money if you sell it in mint condition.

Ironically, as others have mentioned, if someone is wanting 2 of the 3 18mm/35mm/60mm lenses then it is currently cheaper to buy an X-Pro1 than an X-E1 because of Fuji's free lens offer!

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