K200d upgrade path??

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Chris Dennehy Contributing Member • Posts: 649
Re: Chris

Thank you very much Gerry.

I understand the 16.3/10.2 bit but why the square root ?

I said electronics because I was figuring once light had passed through the lens and hit the camera's sensor/computer and then entered your computer with however good a screen it has it had passed through several electronic devices and entered the world of electronics.

I am trying to figure out whether I am better off upgrading the camera, which I am quite happy with, or buying some Limited lenses instead of the usual M primes I use and like.

I have also been thinking for some time that I will also have to replace my DA 18-55 AL II with the WR version simply because of the weather. We are used to rain in this part of the world but after last night there are fields under water which nobody can remember happening before and it's occurring more and more.

Kind regards

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