Excellent Korean A99 review with good raw samples

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moimoi wrote:

I see it now, but I regret it.  I wish I would have missed that shot, though.  Noise is pretty darn ugly, and no details.   Even at ISO 2500 (which is a a case of low-light scene), it is pretty ugly, and little details.  I will need to look at the raw (but I don't have CS6 yet, but I will).

I really can't comprehend how such poor photos can be released to promote a new camera.  Are the photographers blind?

So you were looking for OOC jpegs then? I'm sure there are a lot of people that care, but personally, I only look at RAW results.

At ISO 3200, its cousin D600 seems to perform much better (check aarif's new photos taken with the D600, it is quite impressive).  Crazy enough, the D600 and a99 share the same sensor.

You're comparing heavily downsampled processed RAW shots with OOC jpegs in different conditions. Hard to take seriously.

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