Serious Avast AntiVirus Problem

Started Oct 5, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Another vote aginst Norton

At a place I worked before, they had Norton AV installed on every computer.  One day our email server was blocked because it was flagged as being responsible for sending spam.  We were informed that we needed to see which computer was responsible for the spam traffic and that this was likely going to be a compromised machine infected by malware.  On every machine Norton reported that there were no infections.  However, one user came forward to say that here machine was not acting normal.  I ran a full scan again with Norton.  Again, nothing.  I then downloaded AVG and ran it on that machine.  It immediately saw the virus, isolated it, and removed it.  So much for Norton.

I do have Avira installed on the Windows partition of my laptop.  I installed to try it out.  However, AVG is still the one I would recommend.  Of course, for people that are having trouble with viruses, I always recommend to try out Linux for a while first to see if they like it and can get on with it.  At the moment, OpenSuse (KDE Edition) is what I recommend.  For 90% of people out there, OpenSuse will be a much better solution than any version of Windows.  It has excellent software for just about any task, including photography.  Thousands of users around the world use it happily, including many on this forum.  And, they have no problems with viruses.

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