DP2 Merrill in Bataan

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Re: DP2 Merrill in Bataan

Jefftan wrote:

the metering on my shots tends toward the left, saving the highlights. Since I shoot RAW and develop in SPP and LR4, I am finding that leaving my Ev to +0.7 gives me a better exposure without blowing out the highlights. More on this anon."

what do you do in SPP?

Do you apply negative exposure -0.7EV tan lift shadow/X3 filllight?

Hi, thanks for asking.

On files shot with +0.7 Ev, I set exposure and contrast to -1 and x3 fill to +1, then reduce highlight correction to around 0.5, then use the "eyedropper" to set WB, then save as tiff and work on the file in LR4 and/or Color Efex Pro 2. Depending on the file, I may need to reduce the exposure setting a few more notches, but I find that these settings get me close to what I want to save from SPP. I work exclusively in ProPhoto color space.

By shooting with Ev set to +0.7, I have little chance of ending up with purple blotches in blocked up shadows.

I am still in the learning stage with this camera and software, so I may refine this advice as I gain experience. But for now, it works well enough and I have not yet had a blown highlight that I could not recover.


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