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Re: Sharpest lens?

ppotka wrote:

Lumix 20mm is my most used lens but no, it has not same quality wide open as ZM 45 or 75mm. It does not come even close to ZD 12-60mm zoom at same apertures and FL.


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The 12-60 is F3.2 at 20mm and is easily outperformed by the 20mm even with the 20mm set at F2 especially at the extreme edges. I owned the 12-60 until recently and have had the 20mm since the GF1 came out, so I am comparing results from using both lenses on the same cameras.

Here are the slrgear charts showing the respective performance with the 12-60 at F3.2 and the 20mm at F2

The 12-60 is an excellent kit lens for FT and its only lets downs on mFT are its relatively large size and weight combined with its poor AF performance. I think there is a certain degree of snobbery amongst some Olympus users who seem to work under the impression that no one else can make decent lenses. I am certainly not claiming the 20mm is the sharpest just that it easily manages to in this instance out do the zoom.

Horses for courses, a zoom is far more flexible but for me the small primes combined with small mFT bodies eloquently define the attractiveness and worth of a smaller system.


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