Ugh, Olympus ... so close.

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Re: Some straight answers from an E3/E330/EM5 owner

TrapperJohn wrote:

The EM5's sensor is something else, definitely a huge step up over the E3 and even the EP1 and probably E5. DR isn't just better, it's quite a bit better. You can really bring out detail that earlier 4/3 senors just couldn't do. It's at least on a par with, and in some cases exceeds, the D7000. And, unlike the D7000, you can use HG ZD on it. You can really beat on the raw files in PP without seeing banding or artifacts.

While I agree with your general opinion on the E-M5's overall performance, I'm not sure about that statement you made about it being on par or exceeding the D7000 in terms of Dynamic Range.

I had the D7000 which I traded in for the E-M5, and I think that the E-M5's ISO 1600 is comparable if not a teensy bit inferior to the D7000's ISO 3200 in low-light situations (very happy to be back with Olympus though).

Or did I read your statement wrong in that you're not referring to low-light performance? What kind of PP were you referring to in the above quote?

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